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Dog Biscuits for Allergy Sensitive Dogs

by L.A.

I am starting my own little wholesale dog biscuit bakery and I need to know what is the best flour OR flour substitute for dogs, that causes the least amount of allergies, for the least amount of dogs?

I know corn is hard to digest, but I can't seem to find accurate info on what could be the best, and I would really like to go organic. I'm starting out really small with just one biscuit offering at first, so I'm looking for the best overall ingredients for that first great product. Any suggestions? Thank you for your expertise.

Response from Kris:
Organic brown rice flour is the best choice for dogs sensitive to food allergies - it's very low on the 'allergy scale' and recommended by a number of veterinarians.

You can also try a small amount of sweet potato as a thickener (grated into your recipes either raw or lightly cooked).

Here's a short list of foods that are considered at low risk for developing dog allergy symptoms:

  • Lamb

  • Soy

  • Pork

  • Rice - in particular brown rice

  • Fish

Good luck with your business.

Comment from Sam, Wisconsin

I'd like to see more dog treat providers consider supplying starch-free treats such as dry, smoked salmon chunks; or beef jerky; or freeze-dried liver treats. It's hard to find these naturally made products at the commercial dog food stores yet they're not that expensive to produce.

My dogs have a number of food allergies (hard to believe but it's true - we've just over-exposed them I guess) and now I've really limited what they eat to minimize the reactions (skin problems, diarrhea and vomiting to name a few).

My dogs seem to tolerate lamb, rice, vegetables and salmon fairly well. I haven't tried soy. I have tried beef jerky but my dogs' stomachs are pretty sensitive (lots of churning noises). They did better with turkey jerky that I got from a local turkey farm.


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