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Dog Health Info

The Importance of Good Canine Health

Use dog health info to find the cause and symptoms of allergies in dogs, dog skin disorders, dog seizures, dog weight loss and other dog sickness. Good dog nutrition is one of the best remedies.

Dog health info and nutrition are closely related.

Find out more about the connection between pet food and canine health; e.g. allergies in dogs, dog sickness, and the health of your pet.

However, we recommend that if your canine has a serious issue that needs attention to please seek the advice of your pet's veterinarian before taking our word on it (or any word that you read on the internet).

We want you to be informed about the best way to care for and feed your pooch. Many pet owners and people within the pet industries have their own opinions about what is right and what is wrong for the animals in their care.

Dog health info can be easily accessed but it's important to be able to differentiate between good information and information that is well-meaning, but not so good for the health of your canine.

Caring for your dog's health is of primary importance to all dog owners. And, if you own a dog from one of the rare dog breeds, such as the Barbet or the Hungarian Pumi, you will need to ensure that you find a Vet that understands the specific health needs of the breed because not all veterinarians have worked with all breeds.

Dog Sickness and Dog Health Info on this Site:

Bad Dog Breath

Bad breath in canines can mean that your pet's teeth need to be more regularly and carefully cleaned and/or it might mean that your pet has a more serious health issue. Don't expect canines to have sweet smelling breath - they don't. But seriously, and consistently, bad breath is usually an indicator of other issues.

Canine Ear Infection

Does your pooch scratch its ears frequently (sometimes till the ear starts bleeding) or shake its head? Ear infections in dogs must be treated early or there can be serious consequences (such as deafness or infection that spreads to the jaw bone).

Canine Health: How Diet Affects Oral Health

Taking proper care of your pet's mouth affects his or her entire well being. Just like humans, your pet's oral health affects the entire body.

Maintaining proper oral health care can help your canine to live a longer, healthier, and happier, life. Brush your pooch's teeth daily and make sure they get treats that can help them to clean their teeth!

Canine Kennel Cough

Many dogs have had canine kennel cough in their lives; but it is preventable through a vaccination from your veterinarian. Kennel cough can become serious, particularly if undiagnosed and untreated, and some canines have been known to die from it.

Dog Bad Breath

Does your pooch have smelly breath? Bad breath or halitosis in dogs can be an indicator of serious health issues related to the digestive system, lungs, allergies and/or mouth.

If your pet's bad breath is an ongoing concern, check with your veterinarian to ensure that the smelly breath isn't masking more serious concerns.

Dog Bladder Infection

A canine urinary tract infection or bladder infection can be treated effectively, and relatively easily, if caught in the early stages. If you let the infection continue without treatment it can be painful, and even deadly, for your pet.

Dog Dehydration

A number of pet owners who work outside of the home believe that they need to limit their pooch's water intake (so that the pooch doesn't urinate inside the house). A lack of water can result in serious dehydration (not only in the summer months).

Dog Depression

Is your canine listless and tired? Dogs, just like humans, can become depressed. Find out how to recognize canine depression and what to do about it.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Your canine needs to have his or her ears cleaned and checked regularly (particularly if your pet is from a breed that is susceptible to ear infections - ones with long, hairy ears).

Dog Health and Nutrition

What you feed your pooch affects their health. It's important that you choose the right foods to help your pet have the best nutrition and well-being. Their diet can mean the difference between barely surviving, and thriving.

Why is Your Dog Losing Weight?

If your pooch is losing weight is it a healthy weight loss? Are you trying to control over-eating and over-weight in your pet or is your pooch losing weight due to other health issues?

Dog Seizure

Some dogs have health issues that result in seizures. Other dogs might ingest products such as anti-freeze or poinsetta leaves that act as a poison and cause seizures. Use this dog health info to find out causes, symptoms and treatments.

Dog Skin Conditions

Dog skin disorders or problems are not only the result of allergies. Some dogs develop skin conditions as a result of viral or bacterial infections. Find out more about skin issues and how to treat them effectively.

Dog Weight Control

Dog weight control is important! Keeping your pooch on a healthy, nutritious diet and making sure your pet gets enough daily exercise will help. What are some of the other things that you can do to control your pooch's weight?

Dogs and Chocolate

Dogs and chocolate do not mix well together. Most everyone who owns a canine has at least heard that chocolate is poisonous for dogs. Use this dog health info to provide you with the knowledge to handle the emergency treatment of your pet eating chocolate.

Overweight Dogs

Overweight dogs are not healthy. Excess weight can result in (or be a result of) serious medical problems like diabetes, Work with your veterinarian to build a healthier diet for your pooch, and to provide her or him with enough exercise.

Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics for dogs are basically good bacteria that can improve the overall health of a canine. Probiotic literally means to support life. Find out how probiotics can help your canine's health.

Sick Dog Symptoms

Dogs can't talk! They can't tell you their symptoms when sick. You need to be able to assess what's potentially wrong so that you, or your veterinarian, can diagnose and treat the illness.

Toxic Foods for Dogs

Don't assume that dogs can eat the same foods that humans can; understand what foods are toxic to dogs. Food poisoning in dogs can be serious and deadly; you will need help from your veterinarian and/or your local animal hospital.

Yeast Infection - Dog

Dogs can get yeast infections. What are the symptoms? How to identify and what can you do to effectively treat these infections as quickly as possible?

Dog health info is necessary for the care, treatment and well-being of your canine. Make sure that you review the health issues addressed here or on other site pages.

Additionally, check with your local kennel club, such as the American Kennel Club to find out more dog health information on your specific breed.

We suggest that you try to research all the facts, then present them to your veterinarian and discuss your concerns on dog health problems further.

Share Your Story:
As Pet Lovers, We'd All Like to Hear What You Have to Say

All canine owners and lovers want their pets to be healthy. Let us know what remedies have worked for you: Tell us if your pooch has encountered serious health issues, and how you handled them.

Do you have a recommendation for the best veterinarian in your area?

Do you have a favorite tip on handling your pet's fleas? Or the best homemade shampoo recipe?

Have you a story or other experiences and tips on dog health info that you would like to share that will help us in the care of our dogs? Please tell us about them!

Dog Health Info and the Relationship to Dog Nutrition

Accessing dog health info submitted from the experiences of other dog owners is important to all of us; we can learn from the good and bad stories.

Do you have a story to share about how dog food, dog treats and dog nutrition positively or negatively affected your canine's health? Please share it with all of us!

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