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A free webmaster resources directory for everything about dogs: from dog biscuit recipes, to healthy and natural food for dogs, to canine training tips, canine health information, and more.

Welcome to The Dog Biscuit Webmaster Resources Directory; find information on dogs and puppies here. Or add your link to be found on our directory.

We welcome businesses that focus on canines: from supplies, to food, to training, health, grooming, pet day care centers, and more.

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In exchange for your free link listing on our site, please copy and paste the html code below onto your site. Then send us an email (you can use our Contact Us page), telling us the location of the reciprocal link (the page name/link)

Once we receive your email and verify that The Dog Biscuit link has been included on your site, and in a suitable location (not more than two clicks from the home page), then your reciprocal link will be added to our Free Webmaster Resources Directory.

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Please enjoy these links from related resources for dogs:

Dogs and Training

  • Learn how to train dogs or puppies with the best free dog training tips. All aspects of training for dogs and puppies covered including a clicker training guide, puppy potty training, puppy crate training, tips on separation anxiety for dogs, vet advice, Cesar Millan dog whisperer information, healthy recipes for homemade canine foods and much more.

Directory Resources for Dogs

Dogs and Supplies and Information Resources

  • Dog Beds-Dog Houses-Dog Supplies Naff's Kingdom Dog Shop
    A "Dogs Only" on-line shop with everything you could want for the care and comfort of your favorite canine.

  • Open Sensible Dogs.com to any page and you are sure to find some interesting canine history, a bit of pet humor, or even a useful tip on how to make life with your Dog the best, most sensible life ever!

  • Organic Food for Everyone - this site is about how to grow, buy, cook and eat organic foods for a healthier lifestyle; it also provides information on organic foods for pets and, specifically, for dogs.

As a webmaster, use these free resources to list your site; please remember that this is a reciprocal exchange (please list our site on your resources or links page). We are committed to providing valuable webmaster resources however, as this page grows, we cannot fully check out all of the pages on the sites listed on this resources page.

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This site is for informational purposes only. If you have an issue with your dog's health, please see your vet.
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