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Dog Food Comparison

Is Natural Dog Food the Best for Your Dog?

Dog health is a primary reason to do a dog food comparison if you buy commercial pet food for your pooch to eat. Be sure the ingredients are healthy for your pet. Commercially, natural dog food is the healthiest but read the ingredients; homemade food for your dogs is the best since you control the ingredients.

It pays to do a dog food comparison if you buy commercial pet foods for your canine. There are so many brands and many levels of quality.

Many brands do provide canines with the right amount of vitamin supplements they need to be healthy. But many other brands provide products that have little or no nutritional value, and in fact have a number of unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives, chemicals, and additives.

Food for dogs can be purchased from a variety of stores and can even be bought online. All these products come with a wide range of ingredients and prices. Different formulas can be matched with canine breeds, size, weight, and general health of the animal. It's very easy these days to find just the right brand for your pet.

Dog Food Comparison

Always discuss your pet's nutritional needs with your veterinarian. They are best educated to know what nutrients your pet needs to help them live a long and healthy life. And, in fact, many veterinarians have access to data that compares pet foods.

Note: Since our Ridgeback has a very sensitive stomach, and has skin allergies, it took us a while to find the right diet. We talked to our vet, and we checked some online forums for Ridgeback owners, to see if other owners had similar diet issues. We got some great advice from a number of sources - and it worked for our pup!

Most vets will agree that top-quality products contains calcium, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins and that they will not contain chemicals, additives and preservatives that are unhealthy for pets.

It's up to you however to check out the nutrition information on the bags, boxes and cans. They disclose all the nutrients and ingredients, so you can be sure what you are feeding your pooch.

Most pet owners do some comparison testing of pet food. Make sure that you follow a food transition plan if you change your canine's food or your pet may develop dog stomach problems or food allergies.

Natural Dog Food

All natural dog food is a good choice if you buy a commercial brand. Natural pet foods are rich in vitamins C and E. These two are essential for dog health.

The vitamin C helps their bones to be strong and vitamin E is good for their skin. Other essential vitamins and minerals found in natural foods are calcium, manganese, phosphorous, and potassium.

Canines are very similar to humans in the way that vitamins affect our bodies. Anti-oxidants found in dark green and bright orange vegetables such as beta carotene (vitamin A) helps to remove toxins called free radicals in canines as well.

Natural food helps to keep the toxins away that can come from eating a diet high in meat. Since canines are carnivores or meat-eaters, they can benefit from the essential nutrients and fiber that are contained in a natural brand. And natural foods do not contain chemicals or other unhealthy additives.

Dog Health and Nutrition

The relationship between health and your pet's food is strong. It is important to do a dog food comparison when shopping for your pet. Give your pet the best health insurance possible - that of good quality foods - to keep her or him healthy and living a long happy life.

If you buy commercial pet food, then make sure you do dog food comparisons and read the ingredients on the label. To make sure you feed your canine the best, you can also make homemade food for dogs. If you make your own pet food you control the ingredients and you will know exactly what your pet is eating.

Your pet's health will be better supported by good, healthy food specific for its breed. And as your pet grows older and begins to experience age-related aches and pains, you can also provide your dog with a good herbal herbal supplement: PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support Formula. This supplement treats symptoms, relieves pain and reduces stiffness of arthritis, rheumatism and degenerative joint disease in canines.

Muscle and Joint Support promotes muscle, joint and bone health; as well as supports mobility and flexibility. This product contains Glucosamine, Lecithin, Devil’s Claw and other natural ingredients.

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