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All About Dogs

Dog Food Ratings and More

All about dogs. Want to know how to train a puppy? Use dog food ratings and comparisons to find the best pet food. Or want to know how to make dog treats? Do you want to find jobs that allow you to work with canines: dog walking jobs let you work with canines and earn money. In fact, one of the best businesses to start is one that is related to dogs.

We'd love to hear from you if you have a suggestion of something to be covered in this section - just let us know through our Contact Page! Or share your tips and stories with all of us by posting on our Dogs of the Day page.

This site covers all about dogs: from food, to health, to caring for, and training, your pet, to jobs that allow you to work with canines, and so much more.

Dog Supplies

Being an owner of a pooch is much like being a new parent. The amount of pet supplies that you can buy for your pet can be overwhelming.

But just like a new parent - there are really just a few good things that you need in order to keep your pooch healthy and happy. Toys, sleeping supplies, eating supplies, clothes, and training gear are all things that you can get for your pet. Not all are a necessity but can make life with your pooch a lot easier and better for both of you.

Dog Sitter or Boarding Your Pooch

When you travel on vacation or on business you can't always bring your pet with you. That means you need to find a good pet sitter or place to board your canine.

In your search for the perfect caregiver and facility you want to be sure that your pet is left in capable hands; safe and healthy while you're away. We provide you with tips in finding the best boarding facility or sitter for your pet.

Homemade Dog Shampoo

Making your own homemade pet shampoo is quick, easy and healthier (made without chemicals and preservatives) for your pet. You can find healthy, organic recipes that drastically reduce and/or eliminate unhealthy chemicals, additives and preservatives. Your dog's skin and coat will be shinier and healthier with a good homemade shampoo.

Dog Ear Cleaner

One of the most frequent health issues for dogs (especially long eared dogs), is ear infections. It's easy for dogs to get dirt in their ears and, unfortunately, their ears are the perfect environment for bacteria and infection to grow. Use a good dog ear cleaner not just once your pet has an infection, but as a preventative too.

Dog Food Comparison

Is commercial pet food the best for your pet? If yes, which one is best (there are hundreds of different brands). If no, what's the alternative? Comparing commercial foods to natural foods to homemade foods gives you a lot of choice; make the best food choice for your pooch!

Puppy Harness

Do you have a new puppy that needs to be trained to walk? Does your pup (or more mature dog) pull on the leash when you are walking? A puppy harness is a good, safe and effective alternative to a dog leash. Find out about the different types of harnesses and the features and benefits of each.

We'll continue to add new pages to this All About Dogs section, check back often (you can easily bookmark this site - check out the yellow box in the left column) to see what else we've added. And don't forget to use the contact form or the share your tips form (both links are above) if you would like to share your stories or ask us to add some specific information to this page.

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This site is for informational purposes only. If you have an issue with your dog's health, please see your vet.
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