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Want Your Very Own Puppy Dog Web Site?

SBI's eLearning Tools Make it Easy

Have your very own puppy dog web site in just 12 weeks. Use SBI to learn how to build a website (with excellent elearning tools and resources - you can do this from your home).

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What's stopping you from having your very own web site about what you're most passionate about?

Is it because you don't know anything about starting a website? Feel that it's too 'techie' or beyond your reach? Feel that you are "too old" to be taught how?

Think you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Well think again, with SBI! eLearning you can learn a new trick or two - learn how to build a successful web site and watch it grow into an honest to goodness income-earning business.

  • Sidebar: I had never built a web site until I bought the SiteBuildIt package; now I have a web site about dogs and puppies, and another about creative writing and I'm the webmaster for an association website. I get to be creative in both design and communications, and earn some money from my website efforts! It doesn't get better than this!
  • My other two websites are:
    1. Persuasive Communications
    2. and

    3. BCPIA (BC Printing and Imaging Association)

  • Building a web site on puppies and dogs has been a lot of fun. Building content and doing research allows me to spend lots of time with friends and families and dogs! It's easier than I ever expected it to be; and it's very rewarding.

SBI! eLearning can help to teach you to build a website that is successful in just 12 short weeks. Through 10 lessons taught by an experienced SBI! website owner you will be led with hands-on training how to:
  • Come up with the perfect niche
  • Develop the niche into a winning site concept
  • Choose and register the best domain name
  • Build a website that pleases both the visitors and the search engines
  • Write content that will stand the best chances of ranking high in the search engines

Your instructor will walk you through the process of building a successful and thriving web business. Here's all you need to have your very own puppy dog web site (or whatever topic you desire):

  1. A few hours a week for just 12 weeks
  2. Willingness to learn a new business
  3. A very small and affordable investment

Here's the best part -
You can try SBI! eLearning Risk Free Now!

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