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Milk-Bones are not a homemade dog treat recipe

Even though this is not a homemade recipe, I felt like I had to share how good Milk-Bones really are. My dog can't get enough of them and every time you buy Milk-Bone dog snacks, a portion of the proceeds goes to help the Canine Assistants Organization.

Comment from Mike - Site Visitor: Try 'Soft Uns'

  • Wheat germ

  • Baby food (no onions or garlic hymoletic anemia)

Mix until it feels right; add more wheat germ if needed. Bake 15 min. Store in refrigerator.

Note from The Dog Biscuit Website:
We are posting this comment in support of the Canine Assistants Organization. Milk-Bones are a commercially made product and not a homemade product.

We remind all dog owners to read the labels of all commercially made products carefully; if in doubt about the nutritional benefit, talk to your veterinarian.

Some commercial dog treats are made with lots of filler and fiber but not very much protein or vitamins and minerals. Look for commercial canine snacks that are made with healthy ingredients and not much fiber (most countries have a labeling requirement that must list the ingredients by amount of volume used; for example if flour is the largest ingredient by volume then it would be listed on the ingredients in first position).

Be aware of what your pet eats and make sure you provide healthy dog treats.

If you are looking for other simple and healthy homemade dog treats, consider something quick and easy like raw carrot sticks or a slice of apple or a piece of cheese (not larger than a 1 inch cube). One of our dogs also likes slightly steamed broccoli! We give her left overs from our dinner - greens are good for dogs; just not too much and not too often.

Freeze dried liver is also a good treat that our dogs love: be careful not to give your dog too much because the liver can be quite rich and upset their digestion. You can usually buy this treat from a Raw Dog food supplier; ours has a freezer for liver, tripe, and other meat products that are good for canines.

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