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Dog Biscuit Recipes Make the Best Rewards

Use Homemade Dog Treats for Training

Make healthy,tasty dog biscuit recipes and use while training. Dog training tips include using healthy natural dog food recipes to make homemade dog treats. What is your favorite dog treats recipe?

Dog treats made from homemade dog biscuit recipes are one of the the best ways to reward your dog for learning a new trick or for properly house training. (Other ways to reward your dog for paying attention are to provide praise or to spend time playing with them.)

Dog Training Tips for House Training

Take your dog outside on a leash to the area where you want them to eliminate. Walk them back and forth over the area until they finally relieve themselves.

When your dog does something right you need to praise them. This is the best way to reinforce their behavior. They loveto please us, and they love to be praised. So don't hesitate to let them know when they react in a way that really pleases you.

Have some homemade dog treats especially for rewards. Make them out of your dogs most favorite ingredients.

Don't give them cheap inferior store-bought treats. Make their rewards as special as they are. They will work twice as hard for you if they know their reward is made from a yummy dog bone recipe. Be sure to have these treats with you when they do a job well done; so they will connect the good reward with their action.

By giving your dog these homemade dog treats you are letting them know that because they did the trick - or the house training act of eliminating in the right spot - correctly, they are being rewarded. They will know that by doing this time and again, it will result in good things happening. It will make them all the more happy to continue with the action. Having a high quality treat as part of the reward is very good for this. Only give these types of treats as rewards and not as their regular "snack time".

This reward system of using dog biscuit recipes to make these special treats will work for house training, teaching tricks, or whatever new action you are training your dog. It works well for newspaper training, for puppy pad training or litter box training as well as doing dog tricks such as sit, stand, lay, etc.

Most important for you and your pet, have fun with them - have plenty of patience and always give them the best of everything you have. Treat them like a true member of your family. As your dog becomes more confident and comfortable with what you want and expect, you can start using praise and play as rewards for good training and behavior instead of using treats all the time.

Dog Treats and Oral/Dental Health

Taking good care of your dog's teeth and gums is absolutely necessary for the health of your canine. Make sure that the treats you provide are low in sugar content. Dry, crunchy treats (such as dog biscuits or cookies) help to clean a dog's teeth. You also need to brush your dog's teeth on a regular, preferably daily, basis; if not, your dog may need expensive dental care later in life.

We also recommend a herbal remedy for caring and maintaining good dental hygiene in your dog's mouth (this has the additional benefit of helping with a dog's bad breath): Gums-n-Teeth. This product will help to prevent pet gingivitis and will provide healthy mouth enzymes necessary for good dental health.

Want to Share Your Dog Treats Recipe?

Do you have great homemade dog treats or natural dog food recipes that you want to share with us? Or do you have dog training tips that have worked well for you and your dog? Please share those dog treat recipes or dog training tips with us here.

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