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Dog Toy Squeakers

A Favorite Toy for Your Canine Makes Noise:
Look for Rubber Doy Toys with Squeakers

Dog toy squeakers are a great source of entertainment for your pet. Use care when picking the best dog toys: e.g. choose a well made rubber dog toy or dog toy ball with squeaker inside for safe play.

Squeakers in canine toys can be a real treat and a great source of entertainment for your pet. However, you have to be careful about what you buy when it comes to squeaky toys. Many rubber dog toys are poorly made and some contain toxic chemicals; an excited dog can easily tear pieces of the toy off and swallow them, leading to a potential intestine blockage or other illness. Choose the safest rubbers dog toys and dog toy balls so you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is safe, while having fun. (Make sure you never leave your pet alone with a toy: over time, your canine will be able to rip through even the strongest materials.

Some dogs just like to tear out the actual squeaker and attack it until it's 'dead'. (The reason dogs love squeakers, especially hunting dogs, is that the sound mimics the sound of an animal that the dog has just 'caught'. This is a good thing, because at the end of the day dogs are predators and they need a safe outlet for these natural instincts). If your dog just wants to pull out the squeaker, you can buy new squeakers separately without having to shell out for a whole new toy. You can even make your own toys if you have a creative bent.

Why Do You Need Dog Toys?

Dog toys serve an important role in a dog's life. They provide much needed stimulation; both mental and physical. Even if you're consistent with taking your dog for nice long walks, many canines simply don’t get enough exercise. And sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day to give your pet the necessary exercise.

Toys give dogs a way to amuse themselves; playing games that provide mental stimulation while also wearing themselves out. This takes some of the burden off you when it comes to making sure your pet gets enough activity on a daily basis.

When we give our canines squeaker toys, we make sure that we play with them (playing fetch or tug-it) and that we don't let our pets get over excited. We let them play for about 10 or 15 minutes and then put the toy away till next time.

Toxic Materials

Before you buy dog toy squeakers or other toy accessories, you need to check the packaging carefully to see if there is a label which guarantees the product is non-toxic. If the toy is a cheap import without any clear labelling, steer clear of it. Many of the cheap products manufactured in offshore countries (without the same manufacturing rules and regulations) are full of toxic chemicals you don't want anywhere near your canine's mouth.

Often a rubber dog toy or nylon pet toy tends to be sturdier than vinyl toys. Many pet toy manufacturers have started to rate their toys for durability; check the label carefully.

Making Your Own Pet Toys

If you've decided to get creative and design some of your own canine toys, here are a few ideas to help kick things off.

Animal designs are a favorite, especially cute furry critters like rabbits. You can also try your hand at making a dog toy ball. All you have to do is sew some stuffing into a ball that you have sewn made of tough fabric, with a squeaker sealed in the center. Just make sure you don't use so much stuffing that the dog can't get a sound out of the squeaker. And be careful with toys involved stuffing, because as soon as they get ripped your dog may start chewing up the stuffing, which can cause blockages if swallowed.

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