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Interactive Dog Toy

The Importance of Play. Make Sure to Put Toys Away After Play (in Your Dog Toy Box)

Use an interactive dog toy to engage your pet in play (and to use for training). Choose from the best dog toys: kong dog toys for fetch and tug, dog toy squeakers for hide and seek, and more. When not playing, store your pet’s toys in a dog toy box.

All dogs are different, and dogs like different toys and play. Our pets' best dog toys include sticks, ropes, balls, Frisbees, and more. However, Harley, our Ridgeback, is particularly picky about balls. She doesn't like tennis balls; she loves the solid rubber type of balls that bounce well and that she can jump into the air to catch. She also loses interest pretty quickly if it's not an interactive dog toy.

For example, she doesn't want to play with a rope toy unless I'm on the other end pulling. Even sticks are only interesting (for their smell and taste and crunch I guess) for a few minutes, what she really wants is me on the other end of the stick playing with her and teaching her how to let go (so I can throw it again, and she can run for it again).

Our boxer cross, Vega, however loves all balls; any type, size or color of ball. But she never brings those balls back; we get lots of exercise; she runs to get the ball, chews it for a minute or two, then drops it and wanders off. However Vega loves the Kong dog toys that float in the water. When we throw those in the lake, she chases after it, swimming fast to get it, and brings it right back. Somehow the combination of the water, and the swimming, get her excited enough to participate.

Note: What both our dogs love equally well however are dog toy squeakers. A toy that can be thrown and squeaks when it lands; or chewed on and squeaks as our dogs gnaw at it, is their absolute favorite!

Interactive Dog Toy - A Favorite!

Most dogs prefer interactive dog toys and interactive play; particularly play that involves running and chasing, and even finding (we sometimes hide a Frisbee in the bushes and send her to find it or 'track it'). Interactive dog toys are a great way to keep dogs entertained.

In addition, to the balls, Frisbees, ropes, sticks there are also some unusual puzzle interactive dog toys that have levels of difficulty that can be matched to your dog’s abilities. A couple different types of toys are the treat dispensing and hide and seek toys. The first of these types is about having your dog find out how to release the treat from the toy. The hide and seek toy is the kind where you have a squeaking device inside another toy and they have to find where it is.

We've used kong dog toys for treat dispensing for years. We put peanut butter inside Extreme kongs, and stuff a couple of hard dog biscuits inside too. We use the Extreme Kongs because they are designed and produced for 'power chewers' and both of our dogs are extreme power chewers!

A lot of highly active and intelligent breeds, such as border collies, terriers, etc. may have their own different type (high challenge) best dog toys. Remember to pick dog toys that match your dog's needs.

There are plenty of floating Frisbees, glowing Frisbees, even scented and flavoured Frisbees. Kong dog toys offer a lot of different basic and interactive dog toys.

Unfortunately we haven't found a squeaking device toy that can withstand significant chewing so we do buy dog toy squeakers, but replace them regularly.

Dog toys are extremely useful in training exercises, as rewards, and to keep your dog from becoming bored and understimulated (and getting in trouble).

Tough Dog Toys: Care and Keeping

Even the best dog toys should be routinely checked for signs of wear that could lead to problems. One way to extend the life of your dog's toys is to pick them up regularly and bring them out at specific times. This will signal "play time" to your pup (trust me, they'll very quickly get the hint).

The only toys you may not wish to gather are those the dog keeps with him or her for comfort (plushies often end up in the dog's beds like another pack member - but don't give your dog a plushy toy if he or she simply rips it apart).

If you have any recommendations or a specific review, please submit it on the best dog toy reviews and recommendation page! We are always looking for new (and old) toys that are high value - in play, in cost, and in training and relationship building.

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