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School for Dog Trainer

How to Become a Dog Trainer

To attend school for dog trainer programs will help you get a dog trainer certification. To become a dog trainer requires good training and certification (and requires a love of dogs); you also need insurance for dog trainers.

If you have ever dreamed of being a dog trainer you will need to make sure you are suited to working with dogs and their owners, find a school for dog trainer and obtain certification and insurance.

If you want to try your hand at dog training without signing up for a long term school, try attending workshops on dog training topics.

Common class topics include house training, problem solving, handling aggressive or phobic dogs, pet safety, exercise, games, protection and even police work. You should also have experience training a dog of your own before venturing into the professional field.

If you want to become a dog trainer, finding a certified dog training school is a good step toward building your knowledge. Schools for dog trainers focus on behavior modification for the animals, while also teaching you how to run your own business.

School for Dog Trainer - Things You Should Know:

  • Many of the people who run dog trainer certification programs are self taught through years of experience, seminars and reading on behavior modification and standard techniques. Check references, as well as facilities.
  • Certifications from a specific school for dog training represent only that you have completed that school’s courses, not that any other school might recognize that training.
  • Schools should include a broad mix of teaching methods and a lot of hands-on time with dogs of several breeds in many training situations.
  • Each school uses a different style of training. Ask questions to determine if the style is positive reinforcement, treats, clicker, or another method. Only choose a school for dog trainer with humane, non-violent forms of correction.
  • Observing a few classes will give you a clear picture of the school in action and should let you know if the credentials on paper carry through to practice.

Dog Trainer Certification

Trainer certification is typically offered by schools but there are also some non-governmental agencies that do voluntary testing. Certification requires that dog trainers pass an assessment that includes knowledge and skill testing.

Dog trainer certification is not required like a license for a doctor. In the U.S., the Certification Council for Dog Trainers, and some other associations, provide a standard of certification for those dog trainers who wish to be certified nationally.

Once you locate a school and begin your own dog training business you need to obtain specific insurance for dog trainers. This insurance is generally available for liability claims for injury; damage while training; kenneling; pet sitting; provides coverage if the dog or client(s) cause injury or damage to another dog or client (or employee while in your training class; and even the death of an animal.

Insurance is a way to protect yourself and your clients if anything were to happen during your dog training.

If you want to become a dog trainer, you should do your homework on the kind of training you want to do as well as the kind of school to attend. Consider the kind of dogs you want to train when you pick a school.

Not every school for dog trainer is going to provide the information, experience or specific certification you will need. Talk to other dog trainers, particularly ones that you feel model your style and/or beliefs. Work closely with the best dog trainers, then begin your own training.

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