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Simple Homemade Dog Treat Recipes:
Baked Carrot Slices

by Cory
(Castro Valley, CA)

1 lb bag baby carrots
1 egg
2 T maple syrup
1/2 cup quick oats
1 1/2 cup wheat flour

Microwave 2 cups carrots with 1/4 cup water 6-8 minutes, covered. Mash and mix in rest of ingredients. Form into slices and bake @ 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 min. Leave in the oven till cooled.

These carrot 'cookies' make good homemade dog treats for your canine and they're easy to make.

Response from Kris at The Dog Biscuit

Our Dogs Loved this Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

I tested this dog treat recipe for Baked Carrot Slices yesterday (a special treat for our two dogs) and they both loved it!

I was a bit worried about whether or not our Ridgeback, Harley, would react to the wheat flour (she's pretty sensitive with her food and has had some dog food allergies) but so far no allergic reaction and she gobbled her two treats down very quickly.

Our other dog, a 10 year old Boxer/Bulldog cross, is not sensitive to food allergies but has lost a couple of teeth and needs food that's not so hard to chew. She really enjoyed this treat - especially because she used to love raw carrots but has had trouble eating them recently.

I think dog treats that include vegetables (and meat) as a primary ingredient are the best choice for your dog's health (skin, coat, teeth and stomach).

Thanks Cory for sharing your homemade dog treat recipe - it was easy to make and both our dogs loved those baked carrot slices (they were almost like cookies rather than slices).

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Baked Carrot Slices

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Mar 08, 2012
How To Make Dog Bones
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tips for natural homemade dog food. Excellent Post! I just noticed this change a few minutes ago and made a short post about it. I will include your post in it. Thanks for the suggestions

From the site: Which Dog Breeds?

Response from The Dog Biscuit
You're welcome. There are a large variety of homemade dog treats that you can make for your pet. They range from very simple (have you tried some peanut butter on carrot sticks?) to more complicated (such as baking dog biscuits and treats). No matter which type of treat you make for your canine, remember that your pet is a canine and needs food that he or she can easily digest (and that tastes good). The best treats for dogs are ones that are high in protein and vitamins and low in fats and starches. Freeze dried liver bits are high in protein and most dogs love those treats. If you are making dog biscuits or cookies make sure that you use less flour and starch and more protein, fruits and/or vegetables - your dog will be healthier and happier (and you will be happier too).

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