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Dog Supplies

Dog Grooming Clippers (Hair and Nails)

As a dog owner, you know that there are a number of dog supplies that you need for your pooch. Get good quality products that last: for example, professional dog grooming supplies like dog grooming clippers and brushes; dog nail clippers or cutters; a sturdy dog training leash and collar; and a good dog bed are essentials.

To have a healthy happy dog, you really don't need a lot of "things". As long as your dog's basic needs are met then your dog will likely live a happy and healthy life.

However many dog owners think of their pet as a member of the family, and from time to time they want to treat the 'member' to special toys, clothes, food and other things.

These special items are marketed to dog owners (who buy them), rather than the dogs. Dogs are pretty basic in their needs: healthy food, shelter, grooming (yes this is a need - uncombed hair for example can become matted and cause pain and other health issues), and health care.

Just like humans, dogs can become used to the comforts of the life you provide and they can become spoiled pretty quickly. (Note: My mom's toy poodle, Peppy, will only sit in the front passenger seat (alone) of any car he is in; human passengers are expected to take a back seat - and my Mom lets him get away with that!

Let's focus on the essential supplies you need for your pet.

Necessary Dog Supplies

Let's start with dog supplies that are necessary for your pet and home:

  • Food dishes - one for food and one for water. These can be as basic as a couple of bowls from your cabinet or a fancy set that has been made especially for your dog. Make sure that the water dish is large enough to contain a healthy amount of water for your dog if you're gone for the day (about 32 ounces of water for 6 hours for a medium sized dog).

  • Grooming supplies - I like to use professional dog grooming supplies that I buy from my veterinarian. I use the same toe nail clippers that my vet uses - a good quality tool will last longer and do a better job than a tool that is cheap in price and quality.

    Good quality dog grooming clippers (if needed for your dog breed) - and lessons on how to use them - are also a necessary item for long haired dogs. A sturdy toothbrush (human brush works fine for my dogs) and a special dog toothpaste that I buy from the vet - taking care of your dog's teeth is a good preventative health measure.

  • Heartworm Prevention - this is medication that your dog takes once a month and is prescribed by a veterinarian.

  • Flea / Tick Control - this can be in the form of a "flea collar" or a topical application that is used to kill fleas and ticks and prevents re-infestation.

  • And, of course, healthy dog food: this could be in the form of healthy, natural dog food from commercial stores, homemade dog food from recipes, or a raw dog food diet from specialty stores. Talk to your veterinarian and find out what the recommendation is for your dog breed.

From Dog Training Leashes to Dog Beds: Dog Supplies that Are Nice to Have

These supplies aren't necessarily needed for survival, but are nice things to have.

  • Dog Clothes: such as a rain coat if you live in a rainy climate, or a warm coat if you live in a climate with very cold winters;
  • Dog House: this is if you plan to keep your dog outside, which most dog owners do not do. If you choose to do so, talk to your vet about your dog's needs (size of house, socialization, climate, etc.);
  • Dog Crates: particularly useful for training puppies and for dealing with destructive dog behavior (while you work on retraining your dog) - make sure the crate size fits your dog's needs;
  • Dog Leashes: you will need several different dog leashes and collars. A dog training leash (often about 30 feet long) will help you when you are training your dog to come back to you. A harness type of collar and leash will be useful for training your dog to walk better with you, and so on.
  • Dog Harnesses: we use harnesses for both our dogs and have never had any problems with our dogs when walking (that is, no lunging forward or backward or dragging us behind) - I highly recommend a harness over a regular collar;
  • Dog Furniture: our dogs live inside our home. Each of the two dogs have their own dog bed. Both of them are not allowed up on our furniture and having their own bed helps them stay out of ours (though we had to train our daughters to not allow the dogs on their beds!

Check out the articles to the right for more details about dog supplies.

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