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Free Dog Clicker Training

Clicker Training Dog Tips

Free dog clicker training is relatively easy to access, and very effective. Dog training clickers are just one of a number of available dog training devices used by professional dog trainers.

There are 101 ways to "properly" train a dog, some of which are very expensive. The good news is that now you can get free dog clicker training. This is an approach that started gaining acceptance in the 1990s for training dogs; because it's very animal-friendly and it works.

It's not about breaking a dog's spirit, but rather building trust and a sense of respect. Without a good relationship with your pup, no amount of training of any kind will help bad behaviors.

The concepts of clicker training begin with understanding canine behavior. When you understand the ways in which canines generally think and interact, it becomes much easier to successfully train them.

Clicker training dog techniques can be free, or low cost (the cost of a clicker - get a free dog clicker training book from the local library) to any pet owner because it doesn't require a lot of fuss or muss.

Really the biggest responsbility is on your shoulders - to be consistent with your dog as you repeat the activities, and build a sense of cooperation. It's an interesting side note that clicker training has been used very effectively with dolphins for over 50 years.

Dog Training Clickers

Ok, for free clicker training you need a training clicker right? So what is it?

It's a small device that makes a very specific noise when used. Dog's ears are very keen. This sharp noise helps them mark when we want a specific behavior to manifest, and then gives the dog immediate, positive feedback when that behavior is obtained properly.

We know from on-going studies that dogs learn best this way -the sooner they're praised/rewarded or given consequences, the faster the behavior becomes instinctual, on command, without the clicker device.

Dog Training Devices: What Exactly Does the Clicker do?

The clicker helps your dog build an association. Just like a dog gets excited when you pull out toys for a romp outside, by using the clicker sound in your training process the dog realizes that, hey...I've done something good and where's that treat or reward (praise)? Clicker training is about stressing rewards, which in turn stresses the positive behavior you want.

Among dog training devices, it's simple, easy to use, and kind. Where other methods of training can be harsh, which discourages the dog from wanting to actively participate, dog clicker training helps the canine build confidence in you, in his own abilities, and also tells him when his task is done!

It all really boils down to encouraging the behavior in the dog, marking that behavior with the clicking sound, rewarding their behavior with a treat and/or praising the dog for their efforts. To this foundation, some trainers add hand signals so that eventually the clicking sound can disappear, to be replaced by the human hand to guide the dog's actions, even from a distance.

Taking Care of Your Dog

No matter what type of dog training devices you use or training classes you take, you need to ensure that your dog is healthy. Feed your dog good homemade dog food recipes or dog biscuit treats. Consider a raw diet for dogs (a high value protein and high value carbohydrate diet) - it will help your dog's digestion and overall health.

Being careful with your dog's diet will ensure that you minimize the risk of developing food allergies. But if your dog does develop allerges, we recommend PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease. It temporarily relieves skin allergies and itch.

If your dog is healthy, and allergy-free, he or she can pay much better attention during training!

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