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Natural Grain Free Dog Food

Stop Dog Weight Loss, or Dog Weight Gain

Natural grain free dog food is a healthy choice for your pet; it is considered a more natural, hypoallergenic dog food that reduces dog skin allergies, helps with dog weight loss (or weight gain), and helps your pet's digestive system.

Why is Grain Free Dog Food Better?

Dogs are carnivores; their digestive systems are bred for meat diets. Yet most commercial dog food has a much higher proportion of grains than meats or proteins or vegetables. For the health of your canine, monitor and control the amount of grains that you feed your dog.

Higher cost grain free food can be a good investment; you will find that you do not have to handle dog skin allergies, dog digestive issues, dog weight loss or gain, or other health issues that are food-related.

It's Considered a More Hypoallergenic Dog Food:

Grain free food is a good solution for canines with dog skin allergies. Recently high value, natural commercial dog foods are becoming more available; produced by natural (free range), healthy, dog food manufacturers (for example, Orijen ).

Picking the right dog food for your pet depends on the needs of your dog, and your dog breed. A few things need to be considered when picking the proper grain free dog food. Does your pet have dog skin allergies, or other food allergies? Is your pet susceptible to dog weight loss or weight gain? Have you been using any other type of hypoallergenic dog foods? It's important to really understand your dog's reactions and your dog's health and nutrition needs.

A common misconception with grain free food is that it is very expensive. This can be true in some cases if your pet has many allergies, but for the most part the food usually rounds out to the cost of a premium kibble, and less than prescription food and visits to your veterinarian.

Grain free foods are considered hypoallergenic dog food; they typically have high protein, low carbohydrate content (look for free range meats, vegetables, and fruits). Check the ingredients list; you want at least 70 percent meat, 30 percent vegetables (and fruit) and no grains. Also find out where the ingredients are sourced; the best, high quality producers use fresh regional ingredients.

Compare the Benefits to the Costs:

Consult with your veterinarian to find out about the benefits, compared to the costs, of switching to a grain free dog food. If your dog is a little over weight to begin with, switching to grain free will help with dog weight loss.

Remember protein values for grain free foods are high. With high protein levels, the fat content can sometimes be high too, so make sure to do the research. Balance the proteins with vegetables and fruits to a level that is healthy for your pet.

Dog Allergy Treatment

Many dogs suffer with food allergies; feeding a grain free diet seems to reduce and even eliminate that problem. Allergies can not only be uncomfortable for your dog, they can be life threatening.

Please feed your dog hypoallergenic food that is natural and healthy and that has no additives, fillers, chemicals or preservatives. Unhealthy dog weight loss (which can be a side effect of food allergies) will be reversed, your dog's digestive system will settle down, and dog skin allergy reactions will start to disappear.

Buy a good natural and organic dog food or make homemade dog food that is good for your pet. If your dog is recovering from dog skin allergies, we do recommend PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease.

This is a herbal remedy that will temporarily relieve skin allergies and itch, while you try to find out what your dog is allergic to and eliminate it. Discuss allergies and dog allergy treatment with your veterinarian before starting to use natural remedies.

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