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Dog Food Ratings

All Natural Dog Food

Dog food ratings can help you find the best natural organic dog food on the market. A good dog food review needs to include a list of ingredients (especially helpful for dog food allergies).

If you are buying commercially prepared dog food it is important to buy natural organic dog food. This means that there are no chemicals in the food and that the preservatives are natural products.

While there are many natural dog foods available, it is harder to find natural organic food for your dog. Organic food needs to be grown and produced chemical- and preservative-free and then used in the production of the dog food.

Some dog food ratings miss looking at organic food (because they are hard to find) but remember that the best natural organic dog food can be homemade dog food!

If you make your dog's food you can grow and/or buy organic ingredients and then use them and other natural products in healthy home made dog food recipes. You will control what your dog eats and know that the product is good for your pet.

(This is especially easy if you grow organic vegetables and fruits for your own diet; use some of the broccoli, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and more that you grow for your family in your dog's homemade food diet.)

Dog Food Ratings: Burns All Natural Dog Food

An example of dog food ratings is what you can find on Burns All Natural Dog Food. It is considered a good brand. You need to check with your verterinarian and see if your vet agrees.

Burns All Natural contains essential minerals such as calcium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and other essential vitamins that canines need. Burns foods are made from vegetables high in antioxidants. Some dog owners say that this food is like feeding your dog an all natural home made diet.

The commercial market has many different brands of dog foods available. Your pet may do better on one over another. Always clear the dog food brand that you are considering with your veterinarian; your vet will know what foods are best for your dog's breed and health and may have heard of concerns about some commercial brands that you don't know about.

Dog Food Allergies:

All natural dog food is always better for your dog than ones that include artificial ingredients, chemicals, additives, fillers, and preservatives. A dog's digestive system will process the all natural food much more efficiently too. And using natural, organic foods often results in eliminating dog food allergies.

Check the ingredients on the label: look for high value proteins such as lamb, chicken, fish and grains or starches such as brown rice and sweet potatoes. Wheat and corn can be part of the ingredients but they should be a small part (and if your dog has allergies eliminate all wheat products and see if there is a positive effect).

It's important to realize that in the United States and Canada, labeling of ingredients shows the largest percentage of the ingredient first. For example, if your label shows chicken, ground rice, ground oats, malted barley, maple syrup, etc. then the largest portion of food in the product is chicken, the second large is the ground rice and the maple syrup would be the smallest amount. Knowing this can help you see if the food you are feeding your dog comes with lots of fillers and little protein, or vice versa.

Dog Food Review: Is the Best Food Natural Organic Dog Food?

The right dog food will contain a sufficient amount of vitamins C and E. These vitamins are important to your dog's health as they help keep their skin healthy and their bones strong. Also, antioxidants such as beta-carotene help to remove toxins and boost your dog's immune system and helps your pet from becoming ill.

Make sure that your natural dog food contains the right types of protein. The best protein are high in value and low in fat: lean beef, fish (such as herring, salmon, white fish), lamb and poultry. Eggs are also a good source of protein but make sure that your dog is not sensitive to eggs and wheat (common dog food allergies). You can introduce those higher risk (for allergy) products one at a time and over a couple of weeks track to see if your dog develops any allergic reactions.

Avoid foods that contain cured meats or "enriched" wheat, raisins, onions or pasteurized dairy and sugars. Usually these have chemicals and other additives that are not healthy for your canine.

It's easy to research and review dog food ratings on the Internet. Just click onto your favorite search engine and type in the brand name of the food brand you are researching, then start reading.

Treating Dog Food Allergies

A growing number of dogs appear to be suffering from food allergies; feeding a natural dog food diet does seem to help with that problem. However, some dogs' immune system has become compromised and they suffer food allergies (just like humans) related to specific food groups, such as wheat.

The best way to treat dog food allergies is to find out what triggers the allergic reaction and to eliminate that food or food group from your dog's diet. While you do that, you need to treat your dog for dog skin allergies (which is the most common reaction with reactions to food).

We recommend PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease. This is a herbal remedy that will temporarily relieve skin allergies and itch, while you try to find out what your dog is allergic to and eliminate it. Discuss allergies and dog allergy treatment with your veterinarian before starting to use natural remedies. Also check dog food ratings to see if you can find a hypoallergenic brand of natural food that will work better for your dog.

Share Your Experiences

You can also help to spread the word:if you have tried Burns All Natural Dog Food, or another natural organic dog food - then please share your dog food review with us. What did you like, or not, about the food? Is it pricey or reasonable? Is it easy to access or not? Does your Vet recommend it? What about friends of yours who have dogs, what are they using for dog food?

Have an opinion about Burns All Natural Dog Food? Or Other Commercial Natural Dog Food?

We'd like to know if your dog likes All Natural Organic Dog Food, if it's helped with dog food allergies, if the Burns brand is better than other brands (or not) and why? We'd love to hear about your experience (and your dog's) - please share it!

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