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Natural Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food

Natural dog food often contains essential vitamins (like vitamin E and C) and minerals that are healthy for dogs, and result in fewer dog skin allergies. Use natural dog food recipes to make the best homemade dog food for your pet.

Natural food for dogs are often high in vitamins C and E and typically contains little chemical, preservatives and additives.

This food helps to maintain a healthy coat and strong bones. Beta-carotene is also often found in natural foods for dogs and is an anti-oxidant that helps to remove harmful toxins, also known as cancer-producing free radicals.

If your dog is on an almost all-meat diet, there is a higher risk for contracting diseases of the heart and lungs. It is important that the dog be given supplements to help prevent these diseases if they are on an all-meat diet.

Most natural foods will contain the required supplements for a healthy diet. Always read the product labels to be sure.

Natural foods tend to have more fiber in addition to the vitamins and minerals. Fiber and antioxidants play a big role in maintaining good and proper health. Look for calcium, manganese, phosphorous and potassium in the ingredients. You will see this in foods that are high in the bright orange and dark green vegetables.

Natural Dog Food Recipes

Ask your veterinarian for recommendations for the best brands of natural food. Different breeds require different foods for optimal health. Some dog breeds need a dry dog food, while others need a healthy canned food.

If your dog is in good health, it is often very apparent. Your pet will have a shiny coat, clean teeth and good breath, bright eyes, a wet nose and be in obvious good health and in good spirits. And it is the right type of food diet that plays a big role in maintaining this health.

Give your pet the best in dog foods; use the best commercial natural food available (and if it's natural and organic even better). Or use natural dog food recipes to make the healthiest homemade dog food for your pet. Feeding your dog healthy food is the best preventative action you can take to ensure a long, healthy life.

Dog Skin Allergies is Just One of the Side Effects of Poor Quality Food

Foods that are high in nutrition help to prevent a number of diseases and illnesses. Always discuss the best nutrition choices and the best illness prevention with your veterinarian.

Avoid foods that contain artificial ingredients or fillers. Feeding bad food or poor quality food (or even just the wrong types of food) leads to sickness and can show up easily as alopecia (hair loss), dog skin allergies, a dull coat, bad breath, dirty teeth, digestive problems and other, even more serious, health issues.

Buying a higher quality food will more than likely contain better ingredients. Read the label and clear it with your vet. You may need to pay a little extra for quality food that will help to keep them healthier in the long run and avoiding vet bills for treating illnesses later.

There are many commercial dog food products available. Do read dog food ratings and reviews and make dog food comparisons at your pet store. Talk to your veterinarian for recommendations and always look at the labels to see what the ingredients are in each product.

Homemade Dog Food and Oral/Dental Health

The type and quality of food that you feed your dog does have a positive (or negative) effect on your pet's dental hygiene and oral health. Do not feed high sugar content foods to your dog. Do feed crunchy foods and treats (they act like a 'scrub brush') to help clean your dog's teeth.

Even with the right food, you still need to brush your dog's teeth on a regular, preferably daily, basis; if not, your dog may need expensive dental care later in life.

We also recommend a herbal remedy for caring and maintaining good dental hygiene in your dog's mouth (this has the additional benefit of helping with a dog's bad breath): Gums-n-Teeth. This product will help to prevent pet gingivitis and will provide healthy mouth enzymes necessary for good dental health.

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