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Dog Nutrition

Nutritious Dog Treats

Dog nutrition is important to the health of your canine. A raw meat diet and nutritious dog treats provide nutrients your pet needs (raw dog food needs to be well packaged and refrigerated; or frozen).

It's important that we provide the right food for our dog. Nutrition plays a big role in the health and well-being of our pets.

It's so important that you need to focus on developing a diet plan for them that will ensure they live long, healthy lives.

Your food choices for your dog will affect your pet's skin, coat, teeth, digestive system and overall health. It does matter what you choose to feed them.

If you choose the raw dog food diet, you really need to research the proper foods and even research where you purchase these foods (not all raw food is healthy).

Raw Dog Food

Many argue that raw meats are what dogs are supposed to be eating. Dogs in the wild eat raw meat.

But the raw meat that we purchase from the grocery store is very different from the raw meat that a wild dog will kill and eat fresh, almost immediately. This doesn't mean that the wild raw meat is better, but it means that we should really take precautions when choosing this diet for our pets.

If chosen and purchased from the best places a raw meat diet will do very well for a dog. But some dogs will not thrive on it.

A raw meat diet is like everything else as far as needing to discover what your pet can, and cannot, tolerate. Just like feeding commercial dog food - some brands will not be good for some dogs - while other brands will do very well. The same with home made dog food. You need to customize your dog's diet for the best results!

Is a Raw Meat Diet Best?

It's all trial and error when determining your pet's nutrition needs. First and foremost, discuss switching to a raw meat diet with your veterinarian first to ensure that what you plan to feed your dog is well-balanced and nutritious.

Go over alternatives too, in case what you first feed them doesn't agree with them. And discuss what some of the side effects might be (diarrhea is one side effect on an initial change for some dogs).

If you choose a raw food diet for your dog you need to be able to invest the time into preparation. A raw meat diet does take time: shopping regularly, finding the best supplier, ensuring that the dog food dishes are properly washed after each meal, and more. You need to also add meats, vegetables, fruits and grains to the raw dog food recipe.

If you plan to feed your pet a raw diet, please make sure you offer a well-balanced variety and that you understand the risks of a raw diet. Extra care needs to be taken to ensure that your dog is receiving top-quality meats that are free from containments - and that these meats will not be harmful to anyone coming in contact with your dog.

Read and research all you can about dog nutrition. Any diet, whether it's homemade cooked food, raw foods or commercial dog food deserves some nutritional research to make sure it is the best possible choice for your dog.

If you can come in contact with a veterinary nutritionist, you can come up with the best diet plan. They have been educated on the best foods for your dog and your dog's breed.

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