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Raw Diet for Dogs

Is a Raw Dog Food Diet Best for Your Pet?

A raw diet for dogs provides natural food for healthy digestion. Make your own dog food with a simple raw dog food recipe. Feed your pet a raw dog food diet for its health, and to minimize allergies.

This site is about making treats and food for dogs. Some of the recipes call for the use of grains which raw food advocates argue strenuously against.

Our dogs are fed with homemade food and treats, some of which contain grain. They also are fed a raw diet for dogs at least 5 days out of seven. We believe in balancing our dogs' diet and we modify what they eat to provide a healthy balance.

Our seven year old American bulldog/boxer has not had to visit the veterinarian for anything other than her shots in over six years! She is healthy and at a good weight.

However our, almost-four year old, Rhodesian Ridgeback has had a number of allergy symptoms (which included vomiting and skin issues) that have resulted in our being extremely careful with her diet. She is the reason we started a raw food diet for our dogs and raw food provides the base for most of her meals.

Raw Diet for Dogs:

The benefits of a raw dog food diet include:

  • Dogs do not have the same digestive system as humans: don’t feed them human food. Eating raw meat bones will help them to develop strong muscles in the jaw, neck and shoulders - all natural development for a dog.
  • Helps minimize or eliminate arthritis in dogs (the link to arthritis appears to be in the additives in commercial dog foods: e.g. grains, preservatives, etc.).
  • Minimizes or eliminates dog bad breath and smelly dog odor .
  • Helps to naturally clean the dog’s teeth, resulting in a reduction, or elimination of gum disease and de-scaling issues.
  • Helps the dog’s digestive system: it takes more time to chew and eat a raw meat bone and this additional time helps the dog’s digestive acids to start their work.
  • Minimizes or eliminates food allergies, which are often caused by grains and additives in commercially prepared foods.
  • A healthier dog! And fewer trips to your veterinarian for health issues caused by your dog’s diet.
  • Typically a raw food diet for your dog should cost less than a commercial food diet.
  • A raw food diet will often help to control the rate of growth in puppies and will result in fewer over-weight dogs. (This diet is not a replacement for a good daily exercise program - which all dogs need.).

Whether you make your own dog food or use a raw dog food recipe (mixing the raw dog food diet with other products such as vegetables), is a choice you need to make for your pet.

Consider a balanced diet for your canine; test and trial what works best for your dog in terms of their health (their skin, stomach, coat, teeth, breath, stools - all provide some signals of good or poor health).

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