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Raw Meat Diet

A Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Did you know that a raw meat diet can be very healthy for your dog? A raw food diet for dogs closely follows what they eat in the wild.

If you read the list of ingredients on a package of commercial dog food you may be surprised by what you find.

You'll see ingredients like blood meal, bone meal and fat. These "edible" foods actually come from animal carcasses that might contain drugs or chemicals; the carcass might also come from animals that were sick or diseased.

A Raw Food Diet

To take a good look at a healthy diet for dogs take a look at a wild dog - a wolf. What does the wolf eat? They hunt and kill other animals.

First, a wolf rips into their kill and eats the contents of the stomach. Normally the contents will contain vegetation and grains. Next they will eat the meat or muscles - and some of the bones. So the wolf in essence acquires the right nutrients to keep them alive and healthy. They receive enzymes, protein and calcium from their raw food diet.

The wolf is likely healthy because they ate a healthy animal. If you ask a veterinarian today you will probably hear how dogs seem to have more health issues these days. Is it coincidental that the health issues started coming up when the commercial dog food market got bigger, and when the level of additives, chemicals, and preservatives started increasing?

Why A Raw Meat Diet?

Commercial dog food disasters (such as the 2007 pet food disaster where pet food was found to contain melamine contaminants: the tainted pet food was used to produce farm animal feed and fish feed) has driven many dog owners to look for more natural, organic and raw food.

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If you choose to feed your dog raw foods, choose foods that come from good quality sources. Keeping the food as natural and organic as possible ensures that your dog is eating healthy.

It's best to feed your dog the raw meat diet once a day. This is how dogs in the wild eat, just once a day (and sometimes not even that often).

Before serving your pet any raw food, clear it with your veterinarian first. A raw food diet for dogs promotes good overall health for your pet; including healthy skin, coat, teeth and weight.

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