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Canine Ear Infection

Dog Ear Infection Remedy

A canine ear infection can be painful and get progressively worse if left untended. Visit your veterinarian for a dog ear infection remedy and use a good dog ear cleaner as a preventative measure.

If you see your canine scratching his or her ear or shaking their head regularly it may be a sign of a canine ear infection.

A dog ear infection has many potential causes including yeast infections, allergies, mites, and even hygiene.

No matter what the cause, you need to see a veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for this condition.

When a canine ear infection goes untreated, it usually gets worse. The pup may start whining when scratching its ear (which may cause the ear to bleed).

With this in mind, getting a dog ear infection remedy as soon as possible is important to your dog’s health and comfort.

Location of the Infection

A dog ear infection can be located in one of three places - the inner ear, middle ear, or outer ear. For pet owners, the outer ear infection is the easiest to recognize. The skin inside the ear appears inflamed and your canine’s ear wax will smell bad when you clean it out. This is the least severe ear infection, often treatable with a dog ear cleaner and some topical medicine.

More severe, middle and inner ear infections tend to worry veterinarians. These can get very serious, very quickly. Some may not be cured without extensive treatments. Again, the potential for serious complication is a very good reason to consult with a vet as soon as you think you’re dealing with a dog ear infection.

Note that some ear infections may be contagious (particularly if they are the result of a viral infection). If you have other animals in your home, it’s good to check all of them to insure that everyone else is healthy.

Canine Ear Infection - Risk Factors

At highest risk for ear infections are dogs like Cocker Spaniels whose ears flop over. That ear makes a very warm spot for fungus and yeast to develop. Some vets and groomers recommend that you trim the hair away from the ear so it receives more fresh air. That, in turn, deters infection.

Another risk factor is swimming. Retrievers and water-loving dogs love to jump in ponds and lakes where all kinds of substances could initiate an infection.

And if you like to hose down your canine on hot summer days, keep the water away from your dog's head and make sure to check after play time for dry ears (and use a clean cloth to dry if necessary).

Dog Ear Infection Remedy, Treatment & Cures

A common ear infection remedy is antibiotics or ear drops. Even after the treatment period is over, it’s important to monitor the dog’s ears to make sure the wax returns to normal and the irritation and infection disappears.

On a regular basis, use a good dog ear cleaner obtained from a clinic to keep the ears clean and free of residue. Alternatively you can buy over-the-counter products so long as they have veterinary approval.

A homemade ear solution for a canine ear infection is a mix of water and vinegar (50-50). Use a cotton ball to gently clean out the ear of any goo or dirt. You can also add a little rubbing alcohol to this for dogs that are very prone to infections. Just make sure to use this only on the external ear.

Make sure that you take care of ear infections as soon as possible, the longer they go untreated, the worse the infection may become (with some serious potential results, such as loss of hearing).

Our Product Recommendation for Canines

Our boxer/bulldog cross, Vega, has tight little ears that are difficult to clean. So we focus on prevention: if she runs under the water hose in the summer time then we make sure to dry her ears well after (and try to keep the hose on her body not her head).

And our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Harley, has relatively long, floppy ears that are easier to clean - but she hates having them done (often squirming to get away when we try).

Just like brushing his or her coat, and their teeth for that matter, your canine needs to have ears checked and cleaned regularly for prevention of canine ear problems.

We've also found a natural, herbal product called the Ear Dr., which is for canine ear mites and ear infections. It works great as a preventative cleaner too.

The Ear Dr. soothes inflammed ear passages and 'conditions' them to prevent common itching and scratching. It contains a blend of natural, herbal ingredients in a medicinal olive oil base.

Share Your Story: Has Your Canine Had a Bad Ear Infection? What Was the Most Effective Remedy?

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