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Dog Weight Control

Weight Loss Dog Food

Dog weight control is necessary for the health of your canine. If your dog is overweight, you will need to focus on dog weight loss tactics: like more regular and frequent exercise, weight loss dog food and high nutrition, low fat/low sugar, organic dog treats.

An important piece of the health puzzle for dogs is dog weight control. A healthy weight for a dog means that they have all of the energy they need to run and play without running out of calories.

Dogs who have too many calories for their activity level aren’t able to burn the calories off and end up pudgy around the middle. Just like in humans, weight control for dogs is managed with a combination of diet, moderate exercise and an awareness of the dog’s overall health.

Dog Weight Control

Each breed has its own weight category, so there’s no 'right' number that is a dog’s healthy weight. Check with a veterinarian about the overall health of your animal and determine if your dog needs to lose weight or not.

If your dog's weight changes suddenly, it is important that the veterinarian check for any pre-existing conditions like worms, thyroid issues, diabetes, some cancers and even an imbalanced diet. Regular walking or play can provide enough exercise for your pet’s weight control.

Dog Weight Loss

Dogs live longer, healthier and more active lives when they maintain a healthy weight. Whether you are seeking dog weight control for a healthy weight or working toward dog weight loss, many vets recommend a high quality diet with lower amounts of fillers, such as corn and flour.

Slow and steady is a better plan for weight loss than crash diets and will help your dog keep the pounds off for longer periods of time. The key is really to very carefully select your dog food (if buying commercially prepared foods) and/or make your own homemade dog food that provides the nutrients needed while keeping in mind the overall food balance required. Dogs have a different digestive system than humans and need a lean meat diet, with some vegetables and a limited amount of grains and starches. Talk to your veterinarian about the best diet for your dog.

Weight Loss Dog Food

A diet that is low on fats, fillers, sugars, preservatives and chemicals while giving the dog a strong supply of the essential nutrients will help in limiting overall calories consumed (especially in limiting empty calories). Weight loss dog food should contain a high percentage of protein and a lower percentage of empty calories from low quality fillers.

With a little bit of information you can encourage dog weight control to happen at a healthy rate of 1-2% per week. If your dog loses more than 10% of his body weight in a short period of time, consult your veterinarian for life threatening issues.

Often pet owners want to reward their dogs with after dinner bites, table scraps or treats in between meals. Many animals can go several days without eating, so these treats and extra calories aren’t necessary for the pet’s health even if they make you smile. If your dog is already in good shape, then organic dog treats can be a healthy addition to his diet.

Organic Dog Treats

Like many of the organic ingredients you can find in the grocery store, organic dog treats are made according to the same national organic standards (such as the USDA standards in the U.S., CGSB standards in Canada, or the Soil Association standards in the U.K.) as your food. They do not contain preservatives and harmful additives.

Some of these added ingredients can cause allergic reactions in dogs which show up commonly as skin rash, sneezing, balding or diarrhea. Organic dog treats and foods contain fewer ingredients which may cause allergies and will help your dog’s immune system by providing essential nutrients.

Many organic dog treats are designed to fulfill the dog’s delight in chewing and still reduce calories to help with dog weight control.

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