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Yeast Infection Dog

Dog Infections - Treatment

Dog health is important; yeast infection dog cases are quite common. Treatment of dog yeast infections and other dog infections means visiting your veterinarian. Early treatment is the most effective.

If you own a canine, you need to understand that dog infections can happen at any time including a yeast infection. Dog infections of this nature take place in a variety of places in the body, including the ear. While dog yeast infections are not usually fatal, many of them become chronic. You need to be attentive to a potential dog yeast infection and then respond accordingly.

Yeast Infection Dog - Tummy

One yeast that breeds in a dog’s stomach is the Candida Albicans. When this yeast gets out of control it may become systemic and hurt the dog (note this is also a condition in humans). Dogs that are experiencing this problem may show signs of bloating.

Dog Yeast Infection - Causes

There are a variety of things that can lead to dog yeast infections including too much antibiotics, eating the wrong food, thyroid issues, and hormones. Other factors include:

  • anxiety or stress
  • drastic changes in the living environment (moving / death)
  • overall local climate change locally
  • boarding
  • immune deficiency or other physical issues
  • travel or moving
  • prescriptions

When Candida gets out of control, it leaks toxins into the dog’s body and creates a dog that just feels lousy, but has no way to tell you why. If your dog begins moping, eating poorly, and acting out of character, get them to your vet as soon as possible. This condition can become a downward spiral.

Dog Yeast Infection: Outward Signs / Symptoms

Depending on the type of yeast infection your dog develops, the symptoms may change. In the external areas, itching is common; as is frequent licking and nose rubbing. The areas in which these behaviors occur may also illustrate redness, puffiness or odor that simply smells musty. The dog’s nose may run, and they may seem to have pain in their knees.

Internally generated symptoms include gas, weariness, and frequent sickness; even when receiving good food and medical care.

Risks & Signs of Dog Infections

A healthy dog can fight off a lot of yeast infections. However, one with a compromised immune system - be it because of a pre-existing condition or other immune issues, it’s not that easy.

Some breeds seem particularly vulnerable - like dogs with fold-over ears (Cocker, Terrier, Sheep dog, etc.). In these breeds if you notice smelly skin, rashes, a cough that doesn’t seem to go away, crusting anywhere, and/or a runny nose, you have cause for concern.

While all of these issues could indicate other problems, you want to get your dog in for professional examination as soon as possible.

Note, that dogs that LOVE water are also at higher risk for these types of problems.

Yeast Infection Dog: Being sure

If you’re noticing distress in your dog it may well be a yeast infection. Dog treatment depends on accurate diagnosis. There is no real way to be sure without getting the pup to a vet for tests and examination. Once you get a good prognosis, you can focus on cures and on-going maintenance for chronic cases. Remember this can be very uncomfortable for your dog, so be diligent in treatment.

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