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Probiotics for Dogs:

Help for Dog Stomach Problems

Probiotics for dogs are good bacteria that can improve the overall health of a dog. Probiotic literally means to support life. Dog probiotics can help dog stomach problems and improve dog digestion.

Probiotics, dietary supplements, balance good and bad bacteria in a dog's body by battling bacteria that is harmful. Often times the dog's intestinal tracts can be complicated by antibiotics, a poor diet (sometimes that commercial dog food you buy contains ingredients that just are not that healthy), micro-organisms that a dog may have eaten, or exposure to environmental pollutants.

Viruses and bacteria can also cause bad bacteria to grow in the digestive tract of a dog.

Many people do not realize that dogs suffer from stress too. Stress actually plays a large role in many disorders in pets, including dog digestion problems, which dog probiotics can help resolve.

Dog Stomach Problems

Digestion is the break down of foods in an organism. The process begins as soon as food is put into a mouth. Food travels down the digestive track from the mouth to the anus. Food is broken down into smaller parts so that the body can use the food.

Often times in animals, especially dogs, the digestive tract has an imbalance - too many 'bad' bacteria in it; then, the 'good' bacteria cannot do its job.

Pet owners and veterinarians favor treatment of intestinal disorders with probiotics. They provide relief to dogs that experience severe gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. Probiotics are also helpful in the prevention of potential health problems. However, as with all supplements, do not overuse the probiotics - and consult your Vet before adding them to your pet's diet. Large quantities of probiotics can have a negative effect.

Which Dog Probiotics?

There are quite a few probiotics to purchase, one of the most popular probiotics is lactic acid bacteria. A simpler probiotic is plain yogurt. Yogurt will minimize symptoms, such as diarrhea, shedding, scratching, and vomiting.

These probiotics stimulate the dog's immune system; therefore many people give probiotics to puppies in the hope that the immune system will be strengthened. Probiotics can also increase energy in a dog. Owners of older dogs give their dogs probiotics in the hope of stimulating their energy levels, as well as their appetite.

As far as drawbacks to probiotics for dogs, there really are not any. No one really knows which good bacteria is required for curing intestinal issues. There are many variations of bacteria in each dog's colon. One drawback is that if probiotic treatment is stopped, the symptoms will return.

In a few weeks, the gas, the diarrhea, etc. will return. Probiotics need to be used daily to be effective and for the life of the dog. The use of probiotics can be expensive and pet insurances will not pay for it in most cases.

It's Important to Improve Dog Digestion - Your Dog Will Be Healthier

If you are considering giving probiotics for dogs, consult your veterinarian first. Be sure to give your dog the probiotic with a meal, because it is less harsh on its stomach. If probiotics are too expensive for your budget, consult with your veterinarian about using cheaper probiotics, such as mixing yogurt or other dairy products with your dog's meals (but check with your vet because dairy products might not be best for your dog's diet - you don't want to add more dog stomach problems or other allergic reactions).

Overall, probiotics are beneficial. They improve the immune system and soothe the digestive tract. They may also aid in reducing other dog health issues such as shedding, itchy skin, and allergies. Probiotics is still a relatively new solution for canine health issues; it is growing rapidly because of the positive effects.

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