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Dog Losing Weight?

All Natural Dog Food Can Provide More Nutrition, and Less Additives

Is your dog losing weight? An under weight dog is not healthy (just like an overweight dog is not either). Feed your dog all natural dog food made from healthy dog food recipes.

Pet owners are often very concerned about a dog losing weight. Rapid weight loss can be the result of an imbalance of nutrients, disease or infection. Aside from weight loss due to dehydration, you should be concerned if a dog loses more than 10% of the its overall weight in a week. This kind of rapid weight loss can harm the animal’s organs and weaken his immune system.

Consult a veterinarian for a check-up as soon as you recognize any sudden change in weight for your dog. Many simple tests can be done by a vet to determine if your dog has a disease or parasite that is causing therapid weight loss.

Under Weight Dog: Dog Losing Weight

Any under weight dog needs to be watched carefully to make sure that it doesn’t continue to lose weight and that the food contains all the necessary nutrients for proper growth. A diet for an under weight dog should contain high amounts of protein and good fats from vegetables and fish. Healthy dog food recipes should contain meat, rather than meat by-products, and a variety of vegetables.

Be careful to feed an under weight dog in small amounts throughout the day. Too much food can cause a drastic change in potassium levels and insulin levels and shock the dog’s system.

If the underweight dog refuses to eat dry food, you can try mixing the dry food with canned wet food or adding in a little tuna (high in good fats and protein). Any dog losing weight should be treated gently and allowed to recover slowly with a steady, healthy diet.

All Natural Dog Food

All natural dog food can be a good choice for pet owners who want to improve the health of their dog. The movement toward eating foods that are healthy for us has spread out to our favorite canine companions. Many companies offer all natural dog food, but not all dog foods are created equal. Reading labels will help you choose the formula that works best for you.

The term 'natural' isn’t as well defined as it needs to be the pet food industry, so make sure that you can read and understand the ingredients listed. Compare commercially prepared natural and/or organic dog foods to find the food with the least amount of byproducts, chemicals, preservatives, and fillers.

If you want to know, and control, precisely what is in your pet’s food, try some healthy dog food recipes of your own. Having a handy recipe can keep your pet healthy and fed, even when storms or travel problems prevent you from reaching a store.

Always check with your veterinarian, or a nutritional veterinarian if you know one, before making substantial changes to your pet’s diet. Armed with the right knowledge, making your own dog food means you can balance protein, carbohydrates and good fats according to your pet’s needs.

An under weight dog or a dog losing weight too fast might get a richer menu, while an overweight dog might get a leaner meal.

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