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How to Make Dog Food?

Make the Best Natural Dog Food for Your Pet

How to make dog food? Natural dog food recipes are easy to use. Make your own dog food; especially if your dog is allergic to commercial food. Use the best natural dog food ingredients for your canine.

Learning to make your own dog food is a great gift you can give to your canine companion. When you make your own dog food, you control the ingredients: when possible use organic and/or all-natural ingredients with no chemicals or additives.

If buying, instead of making, your own dog food, then look for commercial organic and/or natural dog foods that minimize the 'bad' stuff and maximize the good food for your pet.

But since it's pretty easy to learn how to make dog food, why not look at natural dog food recipes that you can make at home?

There's no question that when you make your own dog food you can avoid items to which your dog might be allergic; while also giving your pet nutritionally sound food.

The Best Natural Dog Food For Your Pet

Before you begin, however, we advise that you talk to your vet about what kind of diet is best for your dog, particularly if your pooch has any medical conditions, including food allergies or digestive problems. Your vet can help you plan your recipe around any health concerns.

Also, stop for a minute and consider your time constraints and budget. When you make your own dog food it will take time out of your schedule and it may cost you a little more than store bought brands (however you get more value for your money when you use healthy ingredients). Nonetheless you will have the comfort of knowing exactly what your dog is eating and being able to portion the food to your dog's dietary needs.

How to Make Dog Food? The Basics:

To make your own dog food, you'll need one type of starch, one vegetable, and one meat (per meal). Meat wise, canines can eat venison, pork, beef, turkey, chicken, and fish, plus a small amount of organ meat. Foods like livers and hearts shouldn't make up any more than 1/10th of your whole mixture proportionally. Healthy vegetables include carrots, green beans, tomatoes, peas and corn. Finally ,for starches use rice or potatoes (although limit the potates due to high starch content).

Natural Dog Food Recipes: Preparing the Food

Remove any meat from the bones and cut it into a size that's comfortable for your dog. Small dogs can consume 1/3" pieces comfortably while a large dog will enjoy biting into a full 1" square of meat. Place the meat in a frying pan and add a little water so it doesn't burn. Cook through over medium flame stirring regularly. While this is frying you can start a pot of water in which to cook the vegetables and starches.

Once everything is cooked, mix the food together and put in an air tight container. The food should be kept in the refrigerator and fed to the dog at his or her normal meal time. Note: don't make more than you can use in 4 days or the food will no longer be safe.

Introducing the Food

You don't want to change your dog's diet rapidly. Instead, slowly add a little bit of your homemade dog food into their normal kibble or wet food. Slowly decrease the commercial product over a week's time until your dog is eating only your blend.

It's also important to gradually introduce new foods, particularly if your dog has a history of allergic reactions to foods. Make sure to add one food group at a time and don't add another new food for at least a couple of weeks - to ensure that if there is a reaction it's linked to the right trigger.

Toxic Foods for Your Dog

There are some things that you should never introduce into your homemade dog food. These include chocolate, onions, mushrooms, grapes, macadamia nuts, baby food and anything with caffeine.

What's the Best Food for Your Pet? Consider Organic Dog Foods.

Learning how to make dog food is not hard; and it's certainly a healthy alternative to some commercial products that are high in empty calories, chemicals and preservatives.

For dogs with special dietary requirements or who have food allergies, homemade dog food, especially homemade organic dog foods, are a great option but not without a few drawbacks -- namely it can be time consuming and somewhat more expensive. Make sure you organize your shopping, cooking and storing well; you can save time if you're well prepared.

The choice for making your pet's food depends on your lifestyle; and also whether your vet thinks this is a good decision to keep your pet healthy. Consider learning how to make dog food; you will be able to ensure that your dog eats a healthier, natural diet.

Homemade Dog Food is Better For Your Canine's Health

Dog owners often start to use all natural and organic dog food recipes because their dog has developed food allergies or other digestive issues. Before you change your dog's diet, discuss possible triggers and remedies with your veterinarian. Control your dog's diet by controlling the ingredients in the dog food you make and by using all natural dog food ingredients and recipes. When you learn how to make dog food (it's easy) you can really help improve your dog's health.

We also recommend a product called PetAlive Digestive Support which is a herbal remedy developed to treat digestive system problems in pets and is FDA approved.

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